2022/23 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Hobby Box


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2022/23 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Hobby Box
5 Cards per Pack
16 Packs per Box

2022-2023 Marvel Annual celebrates a full year in comics. Contents include canvas variants, sparkling foil, and Crystal Clear Plexiglas parallels, Creator Corner Autographs! All new Backscatters and Suspended Animation Cards!

Collect all 100 Character Base Set Cards and an additional 100 Variants!
– Base Set Variant Cover
– Base Set Hologram
– Base Set Silver Sparkle
– Gold Linearity

4 Unique Inserts:
– Number 1 Spot
– 2022’s Superheroes of the Year
– Top Teams- 10 most popular teams
– Star Rookies- 5 new appearances

Crystal Clear plexi base set parallel cards:
– Numbered to 25

Ready for Action Booklets:
– 2-Panel Sketch Booklet
– Multiple characters in action
– Characters fighting against their arch enemies

Multiple Dimensions Lenticulars:
– Look out for SP and SSP
– 3-D Lenticular technology

Suspended Animation:
– Printed on PETG
– Serial #’d

1 of 1 Original Art Sketch Cards!

Box Hits:
– Backscatter sticker Cards
– Canvas Variant Cover
– Silver Sparkle Parallel
– Multiple Dimensions

Chase Hits:
– Purple Parallel #’d to 1
– Crystal Clear Parallel- low serial #’d
– Printing Plates Cards
– Hologram Parallel- low serial #’d
– Original Art Sketch Card
– Ready for Action 2 Panel Booklet Sketch Card
– Creator Corner Single or Dual Autograph