2019 Panini NFL Football One Hobby Box


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2019 Panini NFL Football One Hobby Box
1 card per box

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2019 Panini NFL Football One Hobby Box
1 card per box

Each Box of 2019 One Football contains One On-Card Autograph in a One-Touch!

Continuing the success from 2018, One will bring you one on-card auto per box!

All the autographs in One will be on-card autos from the top NFL rookies, legends and current stars!

All patch cards will feature prime and super prime memorabillia, including our 1-of-1 Shield Signatures featuring the NFL 100 shield!

Be sure to chase our new inserts Number Ones, Matchless, Top of the Class and One of a Kind.

Look for Rookie Cards of Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew II, DK Metcalf, Dwayne Haskins, Josh Jacobs, Marquise Brown, T.J. Hockenson, and David Montgomery!


ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Featuring a custom embossed card stock, on-card autograph and oversized patches, these rookie patch autographs will be a prize for all collectors!

– Rookie Patch Autographs – Max #’d/199.
– Rookie Patch Autographs Blue – Max #’d/ 99.
– Rookie Patch Autograph Bronze – Max #’d/ 49.
– Rookie Patch Autographs Red – #’d/ 25.
– Rookie Patch Autographs Gold – #’d/ 10.
– Rookie Patch Autograph Platinum – #’d/ 5.
– Rookie Patch Autograph Black – One-of-One

ROOKIE QUAD PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Featuring the top rookies of 2019, Rookie Quad Patch Autographs is a truly unique RPA featuring 4 prime or super prime patches.

– Rookie Quad Patch Autographs – Max #’d/ 99.
– Rookie Quad Patch Autographs Blue – Max #’d/ 49.
– Rookie Quad Patch Autographs Bronze – Max #’d/ 25.
– Rookie Quad Patch Autographs Red – #’d/ 15.
– Rookie Quad Patch Autographs Gold – #’d/ 10.
– Rookie Quad Patch Autographs Platinum – #’d/ 5.
– Rookie Quad Patch Autographs Black – One-of-One

PREMIUM ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPH: Premium Rookie Patch Autographs features the top NFL rookies on a beautiful acetate stock, making a instant impact for collectors.

– Premium Rookie Patch Autograph – Max #’d/99.
– Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Blue – Max #’d/49.
– Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Bronze – Max #’d/25.
– Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Red – #’d/15.
– Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Gold – #’d/10.
– Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Platinum – #’d/5.
– Premium Rookie Patch Autograph Black – One-of-One

AUTOGRAPHS: This shadowbox autographed set includes top veteran and legendary players like: Adrian Peterson, Carson Wentz, Jerry Rice and Ray Lewis.

– Autographs – max #’d/99
– Autographs Blue – max #’d/49
– Autographs Bronze – Max #’d/25
– Autographs Red – Max #’d/15
– Autographs Gold – Max #’d/10
– Autographs Platinum – #’d/5
– Autographs Black – One-of-One

DUAL PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Designed with signatures framed perfectly between two patches, our Dual Patch Autographs feature signatures from stars such as: Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott, and Patrick Mahomes II And More!

– Dual Patch Autographs – Max#’d/ 99
– Dual Patch Autographs Blue – Max #’d/35
– Dual Patch Austographs Bronze – Max #’d/25
– Dual Patch Autographs Red – Max #’d/15
– Dual Patch Autographs Gold – Max #’d/10
– Dual Patch Autographs Platinum – Max #’d/5
– Dual Patch Autographs Black – One-of-One

MATCHLESS: Matchless brings together transcendent players from both past and present in this classic on-card autograph. Players such as Patrick Mahomes II, Drew Brees, Earl Campbell, Barry Sanders and many more!

– Matchless – Max #’d/75
– Matchless Blue – Max #’d/49
– Matchless Bronze – Max #’d/25
– Matchless Red – Max #’d/15
– Matchless Gold – Max #’d/10
– Matchless Platinum – #’d/5
– Matchless Black – One-of-One

SHIELD SIGNATURES: A truly unique chase, Shield Signatures is a One-of-One patch autograph of the top rookies in the NFL featuring the NFL 100 shield, a card 100 years in the making!

NUMBER ONES: In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the NFL, Number Ones looks back through the ages at previous No. 1 picks and brings a unique chance to collect the legendary players taken first overall, with a rare One-of-One on-card autograph.

TOP OF THE CLASS: Featuring a micro-etch design, Top of the Class brings the best talent throughout the years of the NFL to a One-of-One on-card autograph, perfect for all fans!