New Release Information – 2019 NRL Traders

New Release Information – 2019 NRL Traders

NRL Traders is the largest Card release of the year and a product that has progressively improved over the previous 7 years of it’s run.

The following is a quick overview of what we can expect in the latest version of this release.

Release Information:
Release Date – Monday, 4th of March
12 Boxes per Case
36 Packs per Box
10 Cards per Pack.
RRP: $3.99 per Pack

BASE SET ( 188 cards)
144 cards in the Base Set


Platinum Parallel (160 Cards) 1:1 Packs
Featuring a Special Parallel Version of the Base Card

Faces of the Game (64 Cards) 1:3 Packs
Exciting young up-and-coming players in the NRL

Season to Remember (48) 1:6 Packs
Memorable moments from the 2018 NRL season. Three Cards per team which also display a full team photo on the reverse side when put together.

Club Heroes (32) 1:12 Packs
A selection of 32 emerging or prominent stars for their club. 2 cards per team.

State of Origin Stars (45) 1:9 Packs
Featuring each player that participated in the 2018 NRL Origin Series

Startoons (18) 1:18 Packs
New Caricatures for a familiar concept. Also find an additional 4 variants of the Startoon Cards inserted in Starter Packs Only.

Last Line of Defence (32) 1:36 Packs
Those players you can rely on to put their body on the line to shut down an opposing teams attack.

Retirements (15) 1:72 Packs
Honouring a list of players that hung up their boots at the end of the 2018 NRL season.

NRL Authentics Emerald (18) 1:108 Packs
A foil Signature Version of the authentic Signature Cards found in this release. Also find a Ruby coloured version of this release inserted as Album Cards (1 Per Album Purchase)

NRL Authentics Signature Cards (18) 1:216 Packs
Increased odds this year with 2 Authentic Signature Cards per case, on average. Each Card is Serial Numbered to /170

4 & 2 (8) 1:432 Packs
Features a prominent Try-Scorer as well as the teams Goal Kicker. Each Card is Serial Numbered to /220

Premiership Predictors (16) 1:216 Packs
If the featured team wins the Grand Final, redeem it for a Special Premiership Set. Or collect all 16 Predictors and redeem them for a Limited Edition Release (While stocks last)
Predictors are Serial Numbered to /219

Legends Signatures (2) 1:1728 Packs
Two more Legends are added to the Series which has been running since 2013. Serial Numbered to /208

CASE CARDS (15) 1 Card per Case
New alternate versions of the Retirement Cards. Serial Numbered to /50

Pre-Sale listings, including BONUS Pre-order offers, now available HERE!.

2019 NRL Traders Sales Flyer

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