Frequent Breaker Reward Board – Updated 26/4

Frequent Breaker Reward Board – Updated 26/4

Beginning in June, 2017 – Each Break will be assigned an FBR (Frequent Breaker Reward) Point Value.

Each person that enters the Break will receive this point value towards their balance.

Points can be used to enter future giveaway draws.

Multiple spots in the same Break do not receive additional points.

Anytime a giveaway or special event is listed that requires FBR points, they will be deducted from your balance IF you choose to enter. Any unused points will remain in your balance.

Last Update – Includes NRL Break #136


*Showing Current Top 15 Only* – Send us a message if you’d like an update on your balance.

36 Points – Greg.K
31 Points – Lisa.M
30 Points – David.M
28 Points – Adam.B
23 Points – Dylan.C
22 Points – Scott.C
17 Points – Shan.C
14 Points – Darren.L, Jeff.W
11 Points – Chris.K, Ryan.W
10 Points – Jarrod.T, Lee.R
9 Points – Debbie.J, Michael.D

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